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Thank you for choosing our Dura Via Barossa Shiraz

Our first-born daughter Chelsea is the inspiration for crafting each small batch of our basket-pressed Dura Via Shiraz.

Dura Via is Latin for ‘hard road’, because although today she’s a loving big sister to Adele – our beautiful Chelsea had a rocky start to life. Through this wine, we honour the moments her little life hung in the balance and the hard road we travelled together as a family.

We also take the opportunity to give back to The Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation, so that other families just like ours can benefit. 

2013 Vintage SOLD OUT – contact us to be notified when next vintage is released.

“Dura Via’ is Latin for ‘Hard Road’ which describes our family’s intense journey together, as we endured the very bumpy arrival of Chelsea”.

- Matt Jones